KMU on Thai Unrest: Government Crackdown on Red Shirts Overkill

News Release
May 31, 2010

‘Genuine progressive movement in Thai necessary’

The Philippines’ militant labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno strongly condemns the political repression and human rights violations committed by the Abhisit Vejajiva regime in Thailand against the Red Shirts protestors last May 20.

The repression unleashed is an overkill: the Abhisit regime used trained snipers, tanks and weapons of war against the protestors who were armed only with slingshots, burning tires and Molotov cocktails. This is the most violent political confrontation in recent Thai history, leaving 88 dead and hundreds injured in its wake.

Over and beyond the influence of businessman and former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, which the Abhisit regime blames for the protests, it is the poverty and powerlessness widespread among a vast and growing number of Thai people that is the real cause of the recent protests – as well as those that are still to come.

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Despite their calls for Abhisit’s resignation and the holding of elections, the Red Shirts were repeatedly offering negotiations to the regime, but the latter refused and opted to unleash violence. The Abhisit regime, the military, and US imperialism – a long-time ally of the Thai ruling classes – should be held responsible for this crime.

In struggling against the illegitimate regime of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the Filipino workers and people have also experienced an overkill of political repression and human rights violations. In the process, we have seen how international solidarity helps stay the hand of repression. We extend our solidarity to the Thai workers and people.

Lastly we call on the Thai workers and people to build a genuine progressive movement in their country, one that is not beholden to the interests of ruling elites nor of the middle classes, one that is conscious and persevering in waging the Thai workers and people’s struggle for genuine independence, democracy and development.

Reference: Joselito “Lito” Ustarez
KMU executive vice president

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