Campus journalists urge Aquino to spend on education sector instead of on US-based lobbying firm

“If he is doing the right thing, he doesn’t need an expensive US-based lobbying firm. His correct acts will eventually be noticed.” Trina Federis, College Editors Guild of the Philippines national president said.

According to a column by journalist Victor Agustin, the Malaysian government spent $24 million for the same firm. This is outrageous, according to Federis.

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“If the amount the Malaysia government spent is any indication, to spend that amount during an education crisis is outrageous. The government could instead spend it on the education sector. $24 million is equivalent to 32.2 million textbooks or 1.8 million seats or 27,122 classrooms. The government could also spend it on the commission investigating Arroyo’s crimes against the people, or a commission to resolve media killings.”

“To opt to spend on a lobbying firm shows that President Aquino is far removed from the issues besetting our countrymen. Far from his monicker ‘P-Noy’ (indicating his ordinariness), his actions show otherwise. As president, he is of course not an ordinary citizen. In our country, you cannot run for President with a monthly income o just around P11,000, the country’s minimum wage.” Federis concluded.

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