Aquino Statement a Go-Signal for Congress to Tackle RH Bill Now

Press Release
Sept. 28, 2010

GABRIELA Women’s Partylist Representative Luz Ilagan today said
President Noynoy Aquino’s statement acknowledging the government’s
obligation to inform citizens of their choices and to provide those
who would like to employ certain methods of family planning with
assistance is a positive move towards recognizing the rights of women
to adequate reproductive health care.

“We hope that the House leadership takes this as a go signal to
proceed with the deliberations of the Reproductive Health bill filed
in Congress.”

There are currently four proposals in Congress pushing for the
legislation of the Reproductive Health Law. Gabriela Women’s Party is
set to file another bill tomorrow morning. Gabriela Representatives
Ilagan and Emmi De Jesus expect the bills to be deliberated on and
consolidated by the Committee on Population and Family Relations.

According to Ilagan, “To date, our country embarrassingly lags at
meeting Millennium Development Goal targets in protecting the lives of
women and newborn. It is estimated that every two hours, a woman dies
due to child birth complications.”

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“Infant mortality is still high at 21.45 per 1,000 live births. What
is even more depressing is the fact that these deaths are caused by
complications like eclampsia, anemia, retained placenta, all of which
could have easily been avoided had mothers been sufficiently informed
and had there been adequate maternal health care provided.” said

“The need for this measure is urgent amid the lack of services and the
growing poverty. The passage of a reproductive health bill is
intricately linked to our advocacy of granting women and children
access to healthcare and basic services.” #

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