Against The Hard-core and Anti-Peasant 8th ID, The Peasant Masses of Samar Have Their People’s Army (PR)

Press Release
October 11, 2010

The armed revolutionary forces in Western Samar, like their comrades n Northern Samar, are determined to completely frustrate the AFP’s oordinated military operations that now currently cover the two rovinces— the first military campaign of this magnitude in Eastern isayas since the assumption of a new puppet and fascist regime.

Within the extended framework of Oplan Bantay Laya, the island of amar enjoyed top priority as far as the AFP Central Command was oncerned. The overiding state of affairs, however, which ultimately ompelled the NPA units towards immediate battle reparedness was imply the fact that new Aquino regime was gearing up for a S-instigated all-out-war against the revolutionary movement and the eople.

The frenzied deployment of the different units of the 8th Infantry ivision in the province has so far spanned a wide area which includes he towns of Jiabong, Motiong, San Jorge, Catbalogan, Gandara, aranas, San Jose de Buan and Matuguinao (stretching further to Las avas and several other towns of neighboring Northern Samar). As the US-Aquino regime machinates to project a fairly credible government nd a semblance of social service— and as it parades the military more requently in grander, more dramatic civic functions— the patent error of its counter-revolutionary war of suppression continues. With staggering 81% increase in the proposed military budget for the next fiscal year, such terror could just run amok.

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No amount of money, media savvy, psywar and counterrevolutionary propaganda, however, could help a viciously mercenary state apparatus become capable of winning the hearts and minds of the people. The military, through its civil-military operations cannot possibly keep the masses in the countryside from taking the revolutionary road as it fails to present anything substantially close to a real solution to the agrarian problem and social inequities. Its big landlord, comprador and US imperialist masters do not allow it to do so. The AFP quickly and dismally falters in whatever effort to portray itself as
the kind and reasonable servant of the people, and is instead forced inevitably to reveal and act out its true contempt for the toiling masses.

On September 20, in Brgy. Casapa, Jiabong, a 30-year-old woman was harshly interrogated in front of her three small children by soldiers belonging to the 34th Infantry Battalion, who accused her of being a member of the NPA and demanded information of their whereabouts. She was also repeatedly beaten with a stick on the neck. The soldiers also aimed their rifles and pretended to execute the poor woman and her three little children who, by then, had all started crying and screaming, terrified at seeing their mother go through such dreadful abuse.

On the very same day that the guns of the 34IB were being pointed at the hapless mother and her children in Jiabong, the AFP was on radio commemorating the 38th year of the declaration of Martial Law. The next day, September 21, this legion of cold-blooded charlatans called the 8th ID conducted medical missions in Calbayog and Catbalogan.

Meanwhile, in Brgy. Bunga, Motiong, soldiers who have been dispatched to the area paraded and set up their cannons right at the heart of the populous barrio center. While allegedly scouring for alleged abandoned rebel encampments, they also have been ransacking the local stores for food and alcohol and have been stealing chickens with impunity.

In Matuguinao, in the frantic routine of deploying troops and supply for the ongoing operations, helicopter pilots have been landing on and ruining rice fields. The farmers have all been eagerly expecting their first good harvest since the intense and prolonged dry spell of the previous months.

In the interior barangays of San Jose de Buan, columns of the 34IB on scouting missions have been trampling over and destroying the precious crops and livelihood of the poor peasants.

The AOC vows to make the 8th ID pay dearly for the terror and ruin that it has once again brought to the lives of the rural masses. The Red fighters and commanders in the province, together with the people’s militia, are steadfast in ensuring that these incursions are foiled by employing maximum flexibility and taking the highest initiative possible in launching various types of tactical offensives.

Indeed the 8th ID “storm troopers” belong to a hard-core anti-peasant army. The peasant masses have long since realized that this horde is not their army. Against it and its feudal and imperialist masters the peasants have practically nothing. Except, of course, for their own army, which they call not by any ostentatious name but simply, their People’s Army.

Roy Santos
NDF-EV Media Officer

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