Nine months more than enough time to realize the arrest of Morong 43 was illegal

November 17, 2010

“Ten months is more than enough time to point out the Morong 43 arrest was illegal. Release the health workers, now!” said the relatives and supporters of the Morong 43.

This was the reaction of the relatives to last Monday’s meeting (Nov.15) with Malacanang officials. During the meeting with Senior Deputy Executive Secretary Jose Amorado and Atty. Ronaldo Geron, it was revealed that a final review of the report by Secretary De Lima was just concluded and is ready for President Aquino’s perusal in the coming days.

While Aquino is yet to make to make his comments on these layers of reviews, the group said there is nothing that should keep him from calling the release of the Morong 43, especially when he himself declared the illegalities of the arrest.

After more than 10 grueling months of illegal detention and various levels investigations and reviews of various agencies, including that of Commission of Human Rights, DOJ and now lawyers of the President himself, the time has come to set the health workers free.

According to the FREE THE 43 HEALTH WORKERS ALLIANCE, while they welcome the much belated steps of the Aquino administration, they called on Aquino to “stop belaboring the obvious.”

“We are not begging for Malacanang’s mercy to release the Morong 43, we were there to signify and reiterate what a just government should do to the case of the wronged health workers” said Carlos Montemayor, spokesperson of the group.

The group firmly insists that it is just that the Aquino administration to recommend the release of the Morong thru a withdrawal of charges filed by the DOJ under the previous administration.

According to Montemayor, “the continued absence of a concrete and immediate action from the government would be now contemptible if the government continues to talk of justice .” “If this administration indeed seriously adheres to its moral pledge of adherence to human rights especially when something sacred as liberty of persons are in peril” he added.

According to Montemayor, the Aquino administration would also be wrong to circumvent the illegalities and offer other legal remedies which only blur the real and illegal circumstances of their arrest.

The group is wary that the military is being considerably sought on the issue of the Morong 43. Justice should be of foremost consideration in decision-making and not to favor those behind the health workers’ illegal arrest and detention. (

Reference :
Carlos Montemayor, RN, spokesperson

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