State Workers to Noynoy: Stop Price Hikes, Learn from Tunisia, Egypt (PR)

February 1, 2011

QUEZON CITY — The national center of government employees, Confederation for Unity, Recognition and Advancement of Government Employees (COURAGE), denounced today the approved Php1.00 jeepney fare hike, along with the imminent price increases in water rates, toll fees, MRT and LRT fares and other basic commodities and services. COURAGE National President Ferdinand R. Gaite criticized the government’s apparent insensitivity to the already difficult plight of its constituents.

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“The Aquino administration is either inept in controlling these price increases or is in cahoots with those who will benefit from these such as the private businesses. We challenge the Aquino administration to live up to its promises of reform and good governance by exhausting all means in order to stop these price hikes” the leader declared.

Gaite also reiterated the urgent necessity of implementing a substantial wage increase for workers in both the public and the private sector. “In light of all these price hikes, the meager wages received by workers and employees remain woefully insufficient to sustain their families. It is high time for Aquino to provide immediate economic relief by implementing a substantial wage increase. If the government continues to neglect the needs of the labor sector, the rumbling of our hungry stomachs could very well send us to the streets and transform into thunderous protests, similar to what happened in Egypt and Tunisia.” he said.

Ferdinand R. Gaite
National President, Courage

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