GWP: Marlina Sumera, A Female Face of the Dying Press Freedom

March 28, 2011

“Malacañang’s statement downplaying any political motivation in the killing of Marlina Sumera is jumping the gun ahead of a complete investigative and judicial process. Her death adds a female face to the gradual death of press freedom under the administration of President Aquino if he does not do anything drastic about the continuing killings of journalists,” declared Gabriela Rep. Emmi de Jesus.

Marlina Sumera is the first female and fourth journalist slain under President Aquino’s 10-month rule. “As the government continues to fail in preventing the elite sectors of our society to extinguish the fire of freedom of information that our journalists are duty-bound to carry, the country will fall into the abyss of lies that the powerful and the corrupt wants us to believe,” she added.

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“I challenge the Aquino administration to stop this culture of impunity. Allow our journalists to do what they must without fear for their lives. At this point in time when too many journalists have shed blood in the name of truth and information, it is also about time that Malacanang show its political will in pushing the Congress to finally pass the Freedom of Information Act when it resumes session in May,” De Jesus ended. #

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