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 Vol. 3, No. 9 March 30-April 5, 2003

House Bill vs Sex Trafficking Awaits Senate OK  By Dennis Espada

The Iraq-Pinaglabanan Parallel   By Alexander Martin Remollino

Analysis - Talking Peace, Waging War  By Bobby Tuazon

Negros Execs Make CARP a Hopeless Case  By Karl G. Ombion

A Failed World Bank-Funded Privatization Project: Residents of a Laguna municipality are forced to pay for unsafe drinking water By Arnold Padilla

Tula (Poetry) - Anakpawis By Hassan Ul-Hashim Kabungsuan  

news at a glance    

·        GMA joins 'Coalition of the Bayaran'- Bayan Muna

·        CPP chides “anti-war” govt’s for softening stand on U.S. war

·        RP gov’t to help reconstruct Iraq

·        2 suspected NPA symphatizers killed, 2 others missing

Alternative Reader No. 49: Understanding the U.S. War State Compiled by BULATLAT.COM

·        Understanding the U.S. War State  By John McMurtry

·        A Coalition of Weakness   By Erik Leaver and Sara Johnson

·        Raw, Devastating Realities That Expose the Truth About Basra  By Robert Fisk

·        Beyond the Drumbeat: Iraq, Preventive War, ‘Old Europe’ By Arno J. Mayer


 Vol. 3, No. 8 March 23-29, 2003

Analysis - GMA Boards 'Coalition of the Coerced': Lawyers say Macapagal-Arroyo could be tried as a "war criminal"  By Bobby Tuazon

Police Disperse Thousands of Anti-War Protesters in Manila, Baguio; Millions of protesters hold civil disobedience protests across the globe   By Ronalyn Olea

Filipino Journalists Denounce U.S. War   By BULATLAT.COM

Havoc in Hacienda Looc  By Alexander Martin Remollino

Death Toll in Pikit Rises as Food Relief Slow in Coming: Refugees ask soldiers’ pull-out By Romy Elusfa

Corruption Still Haunts Arroyo Presidency (First of two parts)  By John Paul E. Andaquig

War vs Corruption Needs Guts, Not Promises (Second of two parts)  By John Paul E. Andaquig

news at a glance    

·        Journalists condemn U.S. federal agents’ theft of AP documents

·        Teachers assail “unprecedented” P10B cut 
in education budget; demand GMA veto

·        NPA suspect killed

·        MILF explains why it's not “terrorist”

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Candles for Peace From Arkibo ng Bayan/BULATLAT.COM

DEMOCRATIC SPACE - House Resolution Against U.S. War on Iraq By Legislators Against War (LAW)

DEMOCRATIC SPACE - Bush and Cohorts Are War Criminals!  By the Public Interest Law Center (PILC)

Alternative Reader No. 48: Lies of George W. Bush Compiled by BULATLAT.COM

·        An Annotated Critique of President George W. Bush's March 17 Address Preparing the Nation for War  By Stephen Zunes

·        The twenty lies of George W. Bush   By Patrick Martin

·        Genocide and Everyday Life in the USA   By James Petras

·        A Militarily Limited Coalition   By Col. Dan Smith (Ret.)


 Vol. 3, No. 7 March 16-22, 2003  

DA Chief Dared to Face Probe Over Pesticide Poisoning  By Gerry Albert Corpuz

25,000 Negros Farmers to Go Hungry as NIA Shuts Down Irrigation   By Karl G. Ombion and Edgar A. Cadagat

Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark Bats For Sison Defense  By BULATLAT.COM

U.S. War Plans Target Oil, Liberation Movements – Sison  By D.L. Mondelo

‘Gawad Kawatan’: Consumer Groups, Militants Spoil Meralco's Centennial Celebration By Gerry Albert Corpuz

Peace Forum Weighs Prospects of Peace Process  By Ronalyn Olea

IRRI Workers Take Round 1: House Labor Committee Moves to Strip IRRI Immunity By BULATLAT.COM

An Update On Imperialism, War And People's Struggle  By Prof. Jose Maria Sison

Bush, Arroyo Concealing CIA-Abu Sayyaf Link in Davao Bombing?  By Joel Garduce, Center for Anti-imperialist Studies

Women Workers Accuse U.S. Celfone Plant of Giving Them Cancer  By Artemio A. Dumlao

Migrant Watch - OFWs Press Anew for Sto. Tomas’ Permanent Ban from Labor  By Aubrey SC Makilan

Gawad Ka Amado 2002: Literary Awards Night Celebrates 100 Years of Philippine Trade Unionism By Ronalyn Olea

Tula (Poetry) - Isang Daan Taon: Alay kay Amado  By Ben Bernardo

Ang Wikang Filipino at ang Banta ng Globalisasyon  By Dr. Bienvenido Lumbera

The Discourse of Terror and Its Pacific Effects By David Palumbo-Liu

Water Wars  By Tony Clarke

news at a glance    

·        Balikatan 03-1 in provinces condemned

·        Plunder Watch lambasts Jinggoy’s release

DEMOCRATIC SPACE - Woes of Development for the Indigenous Peoples on the International Day of Protest Against Dams for Water and Rivers  By Nonoy Gobrin, Kalipunan ng mga Katutubong Mamamayan ng Pilipinas

Alternative Reader No. 47: U.S. Imperialism's Rendezvous with Disaster Compiled by BULATLAT.COM

·        Top US firms vie for post-war Iraq contracts; Billions in profits seen from seizing oil fields  By Bill Vann

·        Archaeologists warn of Iraq war’s devastating consequences By Sandy English

·        The Aftermath – Has Already Begun By John Cory

·        The deep politics of regime removal in Iraq: Overt conquest, covert operations  By Larry Chin

·        Bush lays out his "vision" for the Middle East; US imperialism's rendezvous with disaster   By Bill Vann

·        Betting on War with a Pair of Kings By William Rivers Pitt


 Vol. 3, No. 6 March 9-15, 2003

Mission to Launch Global Campaign vs Gov't Offensives in South: Calls for immediate return of thousands of evacuees  By Gerry Albert Corpuz

Reds to Duterte: ‘Form Own Probe Body, Don’t Allow AFP to Manipulate You’   By Carlos H. Conde

How the ‘War on Terrorism’ was Plotted 10 Years Ago: America’s Current Hegemony in Asia Pacific 
By Bobby Tuazon

U.S. War Plans Target Oil, Liberation Movements – Sison  By D.L. Mondelo

Terrorism and Marxist Insurgency in the Philippines By E. San Juan, Jr.

Internationalization of Terrorism  By Danilo P. Vizmanos

‘Peace Jam’ – a Weapon of Mass Information: A Night of Music and Poetry for Peace By Ronalyn Olea

Profile - Oscar Atadero: Leading the Gay Life  By Ina Alleco R. Silverio

Mary Ann: A Victim's Tale   By Dennis Espada

Perils for Women and Children: Sexual Abuse, Child Labor and Women Unemployment Rise  By Aubrey SC Makilan

One Farmer Dies, 2 Others Wounded in Agrarian Reform Violence; 2 photo-journalists also harassed in La Carlota  By Edgar Cadagat and Karl G. Ombion

Baguio Flyover Project May Trigger Next Earthquake Tragedy By Ira Pedrasa

Tula (Poetry) - Ako ang Digmaan  By Axel Pinpin

news at a glance    

·        What are U.S. soldiers doing in Panay?

·        SM workers file notice of strike 

·        HK Pinays hit GMA ban on new contract deals

·        Indigenous people, environmentalists demand scrapping of Mining Act 

·        Gabriela calls for release of woman political prisoner and newborn


 Vol. 3, No. 5 March 2-8, 2003

Moro Refugees: A Life Constantly Under Threat  By Carlos H. Conde

COMMENTARY - Abu Sayyaf Is at Work Again – for the Government  By Andres Rebana

Biggest Peace Rally Held: We must vanquish the enemies of peace -- Sin  By Ronalyn Olea

Related Article: Negrenses Join Anti-War Protest

Journalists Call for Peace, Assail GMA’s Pro-War Stance  By BULATLAT.COM
The Imperialist War on Terrorism and the Responsibility of Cultural Studies
By E. San Juan, Jr.

The Imperialist Intention of U.S. Wars of Aggression  By Danilo Araña Arao

Shadowy Groups and Bloody Deceits of the War of Terrorism By Joel Garduce, Center for Anti-Imperialist Studies (CAIS)

Poetry: Yankee Doodle Goes To War By Joi Barrios

MIGRANT WATCH - “Taxing the Poor, Hong Kong Style”: Hong Kong Filipino Maids Decry Tax Levy   By Bulatlat.com

Negros Execs, Sugar Barons Sabotaging Land Reform, Farmers Say By Karl G. Ombion

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Sign of the Times By Darius Galang/BULATLAT.COM

Alternative Reader No. 46: The 'War On Terrorism' As A Deception Compiled by BULATLAT.COM

·        Gaining an Empire, Losing Democracy? By Norman Mailer

·        US Arms Control Hypocrisy is the Real Threat to Security  By Ira Chernus

·        Euro Intel Experts Dismiss 'War On Terrorism' As Deception  By Christopher Bollyn

·        The Hypocrisy of the Humanitarian Case for War By Amin Saikal

·        US firms given contracts to 'rebuild' Iraq By The Hindu