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 Vol. 3, No. 16 May 25-31, 2003

Dean Armando J. Malay: A Man Worth His Salt  By Rowena Carranza

Analysis - GMA’s New Defense Talks with Bush Favor U.S.  By Bobby Tuazon

Analysis - The Never-Ending Presidential Rituals in Washington   By Bobby Tuazon

Reds, Activists Urge MILF to Reject U.S. as Peace Broker   By Gerry Albert Corpuz

‘Culture of impunity’: Fact-finding Mission Confirms Military Rule in Mindoro  By Aubrey SC Makilan

Negros Sacadas Brace for Tiempo Muerto; Will Launch ‘Tigkiwiri Campaign’  By Karl G. Ombion and Edgar Cadagat

San Roque Dam Opens May 29 but Opposition Mounts   By Arabella Fordan

Peasant Leader Presses Congress to Act on Anti-GMO Bills   By Alexander Martin Remollino

Cebu Judge Holds Army Colonel in Contempt: 5 More Criminal Raps Filed Against Army IB Commander   By Karl G. Ombion 

Negros Town Mayor, 3 Police Chiefs Not in NPA Hit List   By Edgar Cadagat and Karl G. Ombion

Courage Under SARS: Breaking the Silence, Overcoming the Fear  By Rey Asis

news at a glance

·        Continuing harassment of Joma Sison assailed

·        HK-based migrants body calls for clarity in settling wage

·        Isabela special polls condemned

·        Unifil-HK to POEA: Clarify ban policy

PHOTO OF THE WEEK - From the Sugarfields to the Streets    By Visayan Daily Courier/BULATLAT.COM

DEMOCRATIC SPACE - Sign Up aganist U.S. War Crimes  By STOP USA International

Alternative Reader No. 56 Compiled by BULATLAT.COM

·        America's Forgotten Empire: What 50 Years of Imperialism in the Philippines Can Teach Us about Iraq  By Mark Lewis


 Vol. 3, No. 15 May 18-24, 2003

NEWS ANALYSIS     -Siocon Raid Exposed MILF’s Weakness  By Carlos H. Conde

As of April 2003: Purchasing Power Drops to 59 Centavos  By Danilo Araña Arao

Power Consumers Say ERC is Siding Again with Meralco on Cash Refund  By Gerry Albert Corpuz

Taking cues from SC decision voiding PEA-Amari deal: Militants Want Halt to All Reclamation Projects in Manila Bay   By Gerry Albert Corpuz

Cavite Farmer Killed in Police Hunt vs NPA; Two Others Held   By Alexander Martin Remollino

Mothers of Courage   By Dennis Espada

news at a glance

·        Militants oppose Charter changec

·        Shoemart workers decry sexual harassment

·        Students oppose plan to delay schoolyear opening

·        Reds denounce "terrorist" tag on MILF

DEMOCRATIC SPACE - Sign Up aganist U.S. War Crimes  By STOP USA International

Alternative Reader No. 55 Compiled by BULATLAT.COM

·        Clash of the Political Titans  The Independent

·        Bush Ally Set to Profit From the War on Terror   By Antony Barnett and Solomon Hughes

·        Now in Open, 'Empire' Talk Unsettling   By Jay Bookman


 Vol. 3, No. 14 May 11-17, 2003  

Pax Americana: Casus Belli (First of three parts)   By Paul Quintos

Fascism and State Terrorism (Second of three parts)  By Paul Quintos

Imperial Overstretch (Conclusion)  By Paul Quintos

The New American Empire and the Rise of State Terrorism   By Bobby Tuazon

Hiding Terrorism's Actual Powerful Coddlers - and Failing  By Joel Garduce

Migrant Watch - Under the Macapagal-Arroyo administration: Seven OFWs Victims of ‘Mysterious Deaths’   By Ronalyn Olea

Military Deployments in Rizal, Leyte Trigger New Spate of Killings   By Aubrey SC Makilan

A Hazardous Trade: In the Philippines, Practicing Journalism Can Kill You   By Rowena Carranza

Terrorizing the Campus Journalist    By Ronalyn Olea

Monsanto Under Fire  By Alexander Martin Remollino

Apolinario Mabini: A Century After His Passing  By Alexander Martin Remollino

news at a glance

·        Catholic bishops call for ceasefire in Mindanao

·        CPP denounces "terrorist" tag on MILF

·        Congress takes up anti-trafficking bill

·        OFWs blast SARS-related discrimination

DEMOCRATIC SPACE - Nujp-Davao City Condemns Arrest Of Cagayan De Oro Journalists

Alternative Reader No. 54: Real American Agenda Compiled by BULATLAT.COM

·        Proud to be American? Not While it Chooses Bombs Over Bread By Frida Berrigan

·        New Furor Over Halliburton   By Larry Margasak

·        Intelligence Officers Challenge Bush By Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity

·        Bush to Propose U.S.-Middle East Free Trade Accord, Aide Says  By Heidi Przybyla 

·        Real American Agenda Now Becoming Clear   by Haroon Siddiqui


 Vol. 3, No. 13 May 4-10, 2003

Congress Opens Probe of Mindoro Killings  By Ronalyn Olea

U.S., British Forces Face War Crimes for Ravaging Iraq’s Public Health   By Wim De Ceukelaire

State Terrorism in Davao Region Claims More Innocent Lives  By Andres Rebana

International Labor Day

·        ‘Sahod, Trabaho at Karapatan...Ipaglaban!’  By Aubrey SC Makilan

·        LABOR DAY: Metro Streetsweepers Link Up With Workers to Demand Higher Wages   By Danilo Araña Arao

·        Thousands Swarm Negros’ Key Cities on May Day: Farmers, students harassed by cops, soldiers   By Karl G. Ombion and Edgar Cadagat

·        Two Lives, One Cause   By Karl G. Ombion

·        Martyrdom of a People’s Leader  By Alexander Martin Remollino

Fasting Against Bt Corn  By Alexander Martin Remollino

Labor Watch - Over massive lay-off, contractualization: Labor Turmoil in San Miguel Plants Heightens By BULATLAT.COM

news at a glance

·        Public health vs ‘humanitarian mission’ to Iraq

·        NCR gives Arroyo -10.44% rating

·        Lady solon scores anti-women Adan 2004

·        Bill to proclaim labor leader national hero filed

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Nanay Mameng: Militant, True Leader of the Masses  By Arkibo ng Bayan/BULATLAT.COM

Alternative Reader No. 53: Will Iraq Arise Again? Compiled by BULATLAT.COM

·        Media Monopolies Have Muzzled Dissent  By Ian Masters 

·        The Evil Genius of Empire: Will Iraq Arise Again?    By James Petras

·        American To Oversee Iraqi Oil Industry By David Teather