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6 killings in 6 weeks | Group to report human rights situation in PH at UN

“The human rights situation under the Aquino administration is as worrisome as the situation during the Macapagal-Arroyo administration. Perpetrators from state security forces are not being held accountable for their crimes, and much worse, they get juicy promotions, thereby keeping and perpetuating themselves in power.” – Ecumenical Voice

“There has been no let-up in the spate of human rights violations from the administration of former president Arroyo to the current government. Not one case under the Arroyo government has been rendered justice, not one perpetrator has been brought to jail.” – Karapatan

Karapatan has documented 40 victims of extrajudicial killings since Aquino took office at a rate of one victim of extrajudicial killing per week. The group, together with other human rights advocates, will call the attention of the United Nations Human Rights Council on this issue.

Even as the Arroyo administration is about to turn over the reins of government to incoming president Noynoy Aquino, six new extrajudicial killings were committed, sending a message that impunity is here to stay, unless the incoming Aquino government will do something about it.

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