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UN experts, rights defenders all over the world say #StopTheKillings in the Philippines

UN Special Rapporteur Agnes Callamard urged UN member States to “apply sanctions against Filipino officials who have committed, who have incited, or who have failed to investigate or prevent human rights violations including arbitrary killings.”

Kin of drug-related killings file more evidence vs Duterte before ICC

Neri Colmenares, NUPL chairperson, believes that the case against Duterte is strong. “First, he publicly ordered the killings… Second, he refuses to be investigated. Third, the government does not submit evidence to the ICC.”

Black Friday protest vs spate of killings, attacks on activists

MANILA — Kin of victims of extrajudicial killings — both political and drug war-related — gathered at the Bantayog ng mga Bayani on Dec. 1 to protest what they called President Duterte’s tyranny. As the International Human Rights Day draws nearer, progressives note a series of attacks against activists, human rights workers and advocates. The…