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“It is expected that the Aquino regime will hail the Corona conviction as the ‘crowning glory’ of its so-called daang matuwid (righteous path) crusade. We take exception to this for the simple reason that outside the impeachment, the Aquino government has not done much in terms of political and economic reforms, respect for human rights and the cause of justice.” – Bayan

Sidebar: Progressive solons sign waiver, challenges Aquino, gov’t officials to ‘walk the talk’ on corruption

By LUIS V. TEODORO Vantage Point | BusinessWorld MANILA — Renato Corona was in intensive care as of this writing after supposedly suffering last Tuesday a hypoglycemic attack which, coincidentally I’m sure, came right after his three-hour “opening statement” at the Senate impeachment court. His confinement for observation on his doctors’ orders was also preemptive,…