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To most of us, the dark years of Martial Law is already a distant memory; to the youth of today, it is but a page in history. However, we must revisit both the horrors and the lessons of the past, lest we forget, because that which oppressed us before still haunts us today.

Through their lenses: Documenting the people’s struggle since martial law

Two unlikely photojournalists and activists have observed and documented how, over decades since martial law, ‘the issues remain the same, only the details have changed and worsened.’ (Click here to read more)

Youth activists of martial law years share tales of courage

‘Nothing has changed… The same problems plague our country and it’s only getting worse.’
(Click here to read more)

Trining Herrera and her memories of the urban poor struggle under martial law

She was arrested several times and was heavily tortured. But what pains her the most is the fact that the struggle of the urban poor for decent housing is still as true today as it was during martial law. (Click here to read more)