Only a Solution Beyond the Political System Will Solve the Crisis of 2005

Under these circumstances the solution to the present crisis must be sought elsewhere—beyond putting Mrs. Arroyo’s vice president, or the Senate President or the Speaker of House in power should and once Mrs. Arroyo is ousted. The quest for a solution beyond the parameters of a fatally flawed political system is the single most critical task facing the emerging coalition of forces seeking the resignation or removal of Mrs. Arroyo and her coterie.

The solution could be a Council of Leaders, or a Provisional Revolutionary Government or any democratic coalition of forces that would decisively address the urgent problems of this country by putting in place pro-people policies and programs of governance. Whatever it is, the one thing it should not be is a repeat of the same illusory “solution” that we saw applied in 2001, and which turned out be merely part of the problem.

Policy Study, Publication & Advocacy (PSPA) Program
June 20, 2005

Contact Person: Prof Luis V. Teodoro
Executive Director

The Center for People Empowerment in Governance (CenPEG) is a public policy center set up shortly before the May 2004 elections to help promote people empowerment in governance and democratic representation of the marginalized poor against an elitist and patronage-driven electoral and political system. It conducts poll watch trainings and voters’ education in the grassroots and, helps monitor and document cases of fraud during elections. In December, it published the book, “Subverting the People’s Will” amidst findings that massive cheating marred the last elections. It is undertaking another research on electoral fraud to be published soon. To pursue its programs in research and education-training, CenPEG taps a wide pool of political analysts, public policy experts and academic scholars for their expertise and experience in public governance as well as in grassroots empowerment.

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