Mrs. Arroyo: Step Down

By the Board of Women’s Work
United Methodist Church

At such a crucial time in our nation’s life, when President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s moral ascendancy and legitimacy is clouded with doubt and uncertainty, we, the United Methodist women of faith, share with the people the struggles against all that have diminished life, and likewise, share with them the hope in continued search for its fullness.

Our dreams and vision are woven with the collective dreams and vision of the people for a better society where justice and peace reign. Amidst economic woes and political turmoil, we have faith that we can move on and shape our society into a better one not only for our sake but for the generations to come. We believe that we can transcend all barriers in fulfilling our hope no matter how painful and difficult they may take.

We recognize that we must add to the voice of the people clamoring for truth, justice and peace. As women of faith, we believe that our prayers and reflections must lead us into active participation, and our contemplation must guide us to the path of prophetic announcement of our stance.

We are grateful to have Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as the second woman leading the Filipino nation. But we could have been more proud for having a woman president who could lead the nation with dignity, moral uprightness, honesty and integrity.

This could have been a chance when she can represent the uniqueness of women’s leadership. She could have led the nation in giving birth to a society where justice and peace reign, and where equality and truth govern the life of the people. This could have been her chance to show that in her being, the tender touch of a woman’s hand can indeed ease the suffering of the people. But being trapped in a systemic governance of chronic
corruption and complacency, she could have opted not to play the ‘game.’

But Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo did not represent the desires and hopes of Filipino women and men!

At this point of questionable governance, the best service she can do is to step down as a proof of her sincerity for the apology she publicly uttered. Humility is not merely justifying the lapses in judgment but willingness to face the consequences of actions one had made.

We reject military junta or any military take-over as we strongly uphold civilian supremacy. We welcome transitory council, represented by the different sectors of our society to immediately take over once Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo humbly steps down.

We do not claim that replacing the president alone will solve the problem. We are convinced that an immediate relief and lasting solutions to fundamental problems of the people are possible only when meaningful changes in political, economic and social conditions take place.

In the deepest recesses of our beings as women of the faith, we nurture the hope shared to us by God’s grace. We look forward that the dawn of a new day would visit the nation, and the new heaven and a new earth will finally come.

” For the power of the wicked will be broken, but the Lord upholds the righteous.” Psalm 37:17

The Executive Committee
July 8-9, 2005

Posted by Bulatlat

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