The Essence of Success

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Arms and hands would move with a cheer
In fibers of wood were praises so dear
Recognized by many with emotions they stir
Is this the meaning of achievements? We hear.

What kind of bricks did we step on this path
Was each with radiance and brightened the way
Though steps we took left marks in dots?
Success in God’s hands in eternity it would stay.

How was each mountain climbed through the sweat?
Was it done with weapons and armored by angels
If mountains were washed with virtue we met
Achievements are real viewed in various angles.

Considering the creatures each emotion would bless
Gives much colors to the aimed success
For whom is it done, who would benefit
Are questions to answer as we go with the best.

What did we do? How was it done?
For whom do we do it? Are questions considered?
Awards we receive are temporarily owned
While the help we once gave would remain forever.

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