Airline Insanity Merely a Beta Test for Police State Caste System

Draconian surveillance, identification, behavior modification measures being implemented right outside your door

By Paul Joseph Watson
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Escalating security measures, body scans, lie detector tests and behavior analysis now being forced upon unwitting human livestock passing through airports are the first stage of an agenda to create a two tier caste system whereby only government authorized citizens will be able to travel and everyone will be subject to intense airport style harassment on city streets.

Recent incidents that caused delays and diversions on airliners – including the latest example where a flight was turned back due to a group of men using mobile phones – underscore the unmitigated hysteria created by the politically timed release of the alleged foiled plot announcement two weeks ago.

On August 14th a British Airways flight bound for New York was diverted back to Heathrow Airport because a mobile phone rang at the rear of the plane and its owner was not to be found.

Days later, United Airlines 923, bound for Washington from London had to be escorted to Boston by two F-15 fighter jets after a patently mentally ill woman began urinating on the floor and manically talking about having visited Pakistan and making vague references to bombs. Original reports that she had possessed a handwritten note alluding to Al-Qaeda were later dismissed.

Today all 12 suspects who were detained after Northwest Airlines flight 42, bound for Mumbai, had to be diverted, were freed. Passengers grew suspicious when the men began using mobile phones and cheering. On the face of it this is absurd – why would potential hijackers who would in the normal course of events be prepared to face fierce resistance from passengers want to make themselves conspicuous before any hijack attempt was made?

Perhaps the most ridiculous example of fear run amuck occurred when passengers on a flight returning from Malaga Spain complained about two Asian men who they thought were potential suicide hijackers. The evidence? They were Asian! To the astonishment of the students they were marched off the plane at gun point before it took off.

Just when we thought airline security was starting to become rational again five years after September 11, one carefully timed PR scam has reversed all that and travelers are again treated worse than cattle as they are shoved around airports, treated as criminals and barked at by poorly trained screeners on little Hitler power trips.

The agenda is clearly to maintain a state of alert and panic until such a time that reverting back to ‘normal’ and ‘reasoned’ security measures is forgotten – the new normal becomes the insane and displaying any traits of disobedience to authority figures is taken as a sign of terrorism. Lie detector tests, voice stress analysis technology, advanced screening which produces naked images of passengers along with brain scanner and perspiration tension analysis systems are all being implemented as the notion of innocent until proven guilty is jettisoned without recourse.

The airports are merely a beta test for the exact same measures to be rolled out in major cities, where regular checkpoint officials inspect internal passports and consumers are body scanned to enter a supermarket or any kind of public event as spy drones swoop overhead to catalogue movement and alert authorities to any suspicious body language (remember Poindexter’s gait analysis?).

The key to achieving all this on the part of the Neo-Fascists is to carry out more staged terror attacks on soft targets like sports stadiums, schools and large shopping malls. In terms of police state propaganda, these attacks would be more effective than a 9/11 style event because the implications would reach down into the roots of everyday life.

After more soft target terror attacks on buses and trains, citizens will be forced to biometric scan and show ID just to enter the transport station. Resistors who refuse to take a national ID card and eventually an implanted ID chip will be punished by their exclusion from a trusted travelers program that denotes how well a citizen has behaved and compares that score to the criteria of how and when they can travel. Nationwide toll roads snaking across the US and Britain that use RFID signals at toll booths and instant kill switches in private vehicles will see this nightmare extend its tentacles into the personal vehicle of every citizen.

The majority of what I outlined is already being implemented at major transport and police hubs in the US and Britain. When the technology to automate these measures is more widely used, its cost will drop and in turn spread like wildfire outside of the major cities and into local communities – unless we scream bloody murder and stop it before it makes it out of the airport terminal and onto our street corners. Posted by Bulatlat

August 25 2006

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