Letter to the Producers of Desperate Housewives and ABC

Posted by Bulatlat
Vol. VII, No. 36, October 14-20, 2007

My name is Gladys Guevarra. I am a well-known singer/actress entertainer in the Philippines and I am writing regarding the infamous 09/30/07 episode that has recently received much attention. I do not write this letter alone, but rather I represent the sentiment of many of the Philippine actors and the Philippine entertainment industry of the Republic of the Philippines.

As one who has watched the Desperate Housewives episodes, I too was disappointed and surprised by Susan’s comment regarding Filipino diplomas.

As an actress/entertainer myself, I have read over many scripts prior to delivering my lines for a scene or a show, and I occasionally do question the writing that is presented to me for fear of its potential impact and implications to GMA-7’s viewers (this is my television network in the Philippines). I am offended that not only did Marc Cherry and the producers of Desperate Housewives review the particular lines in this scene, but Teri Hatcher chose to say the lines with little thought or compunction (as her character, Susan, is supposed to portray) of its potential impact.

I believe I speak on behalf of Filipinos in the U.S. and around the world when I say that your three-sentence apology is not enough. Filipinos demand to see proactive action on your part to demonstrate that ABC, the producers of your show, Marc Cherry, Teri Hatcher and the other members of the ABC staff fully understand the damage that has been done in further perpetuating a negative stereotype of not only the Philippines, but what could also have been other developing countries around the world.

I ask that the creative staff that has worked together to write and produce this 9/30/07 Desperate Housewives episode come together to also think about what else it can do to show the Filipino communities around the world of its sincere desire to address this issue. I personally would like to see an apology on your show with Teri Hatcher and Marc Cherry making the apology; and I would like to see a Filipino actor portraying one of Susan’s doctors on the show.

There are many other viewers and non-viewers, Filipinos and non-Filipinos that are disgusted about what happened and continue to be enraged; and though this is only a request on my part, you may want to treat is as more than that, due to the damage it has done and continues to do to your television show, your reputations and your network.

Thank you for taking the time to review this letter.(Bulatlat.com)

Gladys Guevarra
GMA-TV7: Manila, Philippines
U.S. Location: Jersey City, New Jersey

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