Council Twits Casino Plan at John Hay

The City Council joined the mounting opposition against the revived plan to establish a casino at Club John Hay.

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BAGUIO CITY (246 kms. North of Manila) The City Council joined the mounting opposition against the revived plan to establish a casino at Club John Hay here.

In a resolution adopted jointly and collectively, Nov.3, the body expressed “vigorous opposition” to the plan.

“Any plan to put up an activity that would corrupt the family, destroy the moral fiber and offer wrong choices to the people will create a societal problem in the city,” the resolution noted.

“It is imperative that the city takes an aggressive action to immediately stop any plan to put up a casino or any gambling activity in any form or guise in the city including within the Club John Hay,” it said.

The body cited Resolution No. 362 series of 1994 that set the 19 conditionalities for the City Council’s approval of the Master Development Plan for Club John Hay formulated by the Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA).

They said in the resolution, “condition no. 2 on entertainment activities” provides that “the BCDA shall ensure that only wholesome, family-oriented entertainment and recreational activities are conducted within the zone.” It expressly states that “no casino operations shall definitely be allowed under any guise of form.”

The body also invoked Resolution No. 221 series of 1989 “which condemns all forms of illegal gambling in the city and calls on all concerned government agencies to eradicate and stop the proliferation of gambling activities in the city.”

Resolution No. 107 series of 2003 likewise declared Baguio as a Character City “where families are strong, morally upright and socially responsible.”

“The presence of gambling activity runs counter to the moral standards which our heritage has impressed upon our people,” the measure noted.

The city government on several occasions warded off attempts to put up a casino at John Hay taking cue from the various sectors in the city which joined hands and took to the streets to prevent the entry of bingo, casino and lotto in the city.

Another measure, Resolution No. 122-02 entitled “Expressing the Sentiment of the People of Baguio and the Policy of the City Government against Gambling…” was passed by the City Council on June 26, 2002 and remains in effect up to this time. Posted by

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