Waiting for His Homecoming

But his activist side couldn’t only be seen through his advocacy, but even through the music he listened to.

JL said that his Kuya Jay listened to a lot of protest music. Asin, Joey Ayala and Gary Granada were just some of his favorite artists, and their songs, in one way or another, influenced Jonas to partake in the fight for freedom and justice in the Philippines.

Jonas’s life was peaceful, just like the life he always dreamt of. But everything changed when the day of his sudden disappearance came.

Two years of agony

Two years had passed, still there’s no trace of Jonas. And until they found where he is, in Mrs. Burgos’s heart, there will always be a void, an empty space which will only be filled once her son comes back home.

In a letter for his son published in We Forum during Jonas’s first year of disappearance, Mrs. Burgos wrote; “The agony of a mother must go through for love of her children is indescribable. I have no complaints. I would not even mind for as long as you know that I am always here ready to welcome you back.”

For Jonas’s sister, Peach, they try to live normally each day. But every move they make in their house reminds them of his brother. She misses him, but she has to be strong, not only for her family, but for Jonas’s baby.

“Tatty ang tawag ng anak niya sa kanya. Minsan pa nga isusuot ng anak niya ung mask sasabihin niya si Tatty oh,” (His daughter calls him Tatty. Sometimes she wears a mask and says I am Tatty see!) added Peach.

Peach even has a gift waiting for Jonas, a pair of slippers. She said she can’t wait to give it to his brother for she knows Jonas is more comfortable wearing slippers than shoes.

Actually, may gift kami sa kanya last Christmas, naghihintay lang sa kanya. Ibibigay namin paguwi niya,” (We have gifts for him last Christmas and we would give it to him when he comes home.) Peach related.

As for JL, the pain of missing his brother is hard to describe. What hurts most is the pain of not knowing where his brother and best friend is.

Kapag ako nawawalan nang aso, nalulungkot ako. Ngayon, eto kapatid ko, mas mahirap. Mas masakit,” (Whenever I lost a dog, I felt sad. This time it is my brother who is missing and it is more difficult, more painful.) narrated JL.

Like his sister, JL also has a gift for his brother waiting for him in their house, but he chose not to reveal what it is. According to him, he wanted to keep it as a surprise so there’s something Jonas will look forward to.

When asked about anything that he wants to say to his brother but failed to do the last time they saw each other, JL paused for a few seconds, bowed his head down, and with eyes closed said, “Hintay lang. Hintay lang, parating na kami.” (Just wait. We are coming.)

Memories won’t suffice for the longing of the family. Maybe for now, they can live with what yesterday had given them. But as more years pass, one can’t help but to wish for tomorrow: A tomorrow where Jonas and his family will be reunited. (Bulatlat.com)

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