ConAss: Anakpawis Solon Slams “Tyranny of Majority”

Con ass rush reveal GMA not stepping down in 2010

Anakpawis party-list Representative Rafael Mariano today slammed what he described as the “tyranny of the majority” in rushing House Resolution 1109 and called on the Filipino people to rise up in protest of the Arroyo administration’s plan to stay in power beyond 2010.

“Once again, Ms Arroyo’s allies employ the tyranny of the majority in the House to sneak its self-serving Charter change to stay in power forever,” says Mariano.

“Obviously, the majority’s move enjoy the blessings and consent of Ms Arroyo who has no plan of stepping down in 2010,” the militant lawmaker added.

Mariano warned that “Ms Arroyo’s con-ass will surely face the people’s wrath.”

“Ms Arroyo’s con ass move is no less than a blatant political maneuver and tactic that could lead to the full-blown eruption of the already boiling social volcano even before 2010,” Mariano said. #

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