Military Conducting House-to-House Campaign Against MAKABAYAN and Progressive Partylists

February 27, 2010

Cagayan de Oro City, MISAMIS ORIENTAL – Military men in fulll battle gear have been going from one house to another in different municipalities in Sorsogon City since last week in the pretext of conducting a survey among the communities. But according to people interviewed, what the military is conducting is a witchhunt and a campaign against MAKABAYAN Coalition and the progressive partylists Bayan Muna, Anakpawis, Gabriela, Kabataan and ACT.

A few days ago, on February 23, a certain Maj. Arnal Manjares inflicted harm on a MAKABAYAN volunteer while they were doing house-to-house campaign for the MAKABAYAN senatoriables Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza and the progressive partylists. Major Manjares hit the volunteer twice in the face while throwing invectives at them. When the group of volunteers returned to clarify things, Major Manjares terrorized all the volunteers, threatening to kill them if they ever come back, with his service pistol, a cal. 45, in his hand.

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The military is clearly violating the Consitution by campaigning against MAKABAYAN and the progressive partylists which are legitimate organizations. They are also sowing terror in the city and communities by moving around from house to house as if they are in battle.

Meanwhile, in other parts of Mindanao such as in the cities of Cagayan de Oro, Bukidnon and Iligan, alleged military men posing as civilians are actively dismantling posters and other campaign materials of Makabayan’s Ocampo and Maza and progressive partylists such as Bayan Muna. They are also actively campaigning against the progressive organizations and partylists in schools through the Student Intelligence Network or (SIN).

Bayan Muna condemns these bastardly acts of the military. We are calling on the COMELEC to immediately investigate these cases and put a stop to violations by the military against legitimate people’s organizations and partylists.

Atty. Joven Laura, 3rd nominee, Bayan Muna partylist

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