Manila North Harbor Workers Slam Impending Deal’s Provision

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April 11, 2010

Manila North Harbor’s Pier 8 Workers’ Union today slammed the provision on payment for past services in the impending deal between stakeholders in the ongoing privatization of the port, saying it is disadvantageous to workers and smells “a little too fishy.”

Last Tuesday, Philippine Ports Authority General Manager Oscar Sevilla announced that an agreement has been reached between labor groups and Manila North Harbor Port, Inc. (MNHPI), the winning bidder in the port’s privatization. This will pave the way for the takeover by the consortium owned by businessmen Reghis Romero and Manny V. Pangilinan.

The draft agreement contains the provision that MNHPI will give as payment for past services benefits equivalent to 26 days for every year of service. Initially, it was reported that MNHPI will give the equivalent amount only as a form of financial assistance, not a payment for past services.

“With this provision, we workers will be getting less than what we deserve. What happened to the financial assistance on top of the payment for past services? This payment for past services is even smaller than the 130% equivalent that they were promising before,” said Rogelio Dioquino, Pier 8 Workers’ Union president.

“We assert that the new contractor, MNHPI, remain true to the initial promise of its emissary – that this payment for past services be considered financial assistance instead. Then we will continue to pressure the PPA and service contractors to give us payments for past services,” added Dioquino.

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The labor leader also said that certain groups will benefit from this provision while the majority of North Harbor workers stand at the losing end.

“The deal smells fishy. A lot of money has been ‘saved,’ perhaps withheld, from workers. MNHPI has been negotiating with leaders who are known for advancing their self-interest and not the workers’ interests. Port workers are now talking about people who will be having comfortable retirements after the deal is signed,” said Dioquino.

Around 400 port workers from Pier 2, 4, 8 and 10 yesterday held a picket-protest in front of the office of Jake Azores, president of a local alliance who agreed to the provision on smaller payment of past services in lieu of financial assistance.

“We condemn Jake Azores and Andy Mortel, the alliance’s secretary, for ruining the port workers’ struggle. We hold them responsible for this. If all hell breaks loose in Manila North Harbor in the coming days, they are the ones that should be blamed,” he concluded.

Rogelio Dioquino, Pier 8 Workers’ Union president

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  1. Hindi makatao ang ginawa nyo sa mga manggagawa ng north habor lahat ng tao na nagtatrabaho sa pantalan ay mga pamilyang umaasa sa kanila! Paano na sila nagyon ilang buwan ng GUTOM, WALANG TRABAHO, sana maisip nyong lahat ang inyong pinaggagawa dahil yumaman man kayo ng sobra sobra hindi nyo ito madadala sa HUKAY! kung saan lahat tayo ay pantay pantay na…..!!!!

  2. kinakawawa nila ang mga mangagawa sa pier, nasaan ang mga kunsinsya ninyo?kong wala ang mga mangagawang yan nasaan kaya kayo ngaun? ibigay ang nararapat maawa naman kayo sa mga mangagawa na yan, kakapirangot na nga ang kinikita kinakawawa pa ninyo..

  3. Nagkabentahan, inonse kami ng mga hudas, kung naging malinaw lang ang mga pag uusap, naging maayos sana ang take over. Mananagot kayo sa mga ginawa ninyo.

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