News in Pictures: Deputy Attache of US Department of Homeland Security Seen in Abra During Elections

BANGUED, ABRA — Theodore C. Lopez of the US Embassy together with three other companions were in Abra during the elections.

Theodore C. Lopez approached a delegate of the People’s International Observers Mission (PIOM) while waiting for the opening of the canvassing area in the Provincial Capitol. The PIOM team asked Vanessa Roncal, supervisor of the Comelec in the region, if she knew about the presence of US embassy personnel in Bangued. Roncal replied that the US embassy personnel came right after the PIOM paid a visit to the Comelec Regional office.

Theodore C. Lopez is the Deputy Attache of the US Department of Homeland Security in the US Embassy in Manila. According to its website, Department of Homeland Security is an agency that prevents terrorists attacks within the United States.

Editor’s Note: The business card was given by Theodore to one of the foreign delegates while waiting in the capitol. (Photo byKeith Detros / Migrante International /

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