Cha-cha Proposal Bodes Further Wage Cuts, Job Massacres, Arroyo Salvation – KMU

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Ex-president Gloria Arroyo and son’s rushed moves to change the charter suggests that the threat of further foreign exploitation of our national economy, and of Arroyo getting away with all her crimes, are hear to stay.

Kilusang Mayo Uno slammed Arroyo for having “no shame” in making charter change, a much criticized policy-proposal during her term, her number one agenda after formally leaving the president’s office and stepping into her new playground in Congress.

“Why so quick in filing for the charter change agenda? This gives us suspicion that it is still a tool for her to escape conviction from her many crimes to the people, as major changes in government structures can derail processes for her prosecution,” KMU secretary general Roger Soluta said.

“But most surely, these moves that intend to allow more foreign access to our economy, will only mean more wage cuts, contractualization and job massacres.

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“Foreign firms are always the first to block any wage increase, to push for massive contratualization and outsourcing schemes, and to reason out ‘crisis’ and cost-cutting’ for retrenchments. The Philippines have always been fertile for their needs for ‘cheapest labor’ to maintain the growth of their incomes,” Soluta said.

“As Arroyo has always been a favorite puppet of the US-regime, Noynoy’s grand promises for change, if really sincere, should reverse the government’s putting premium to foreign interests at the expense of the people’s welfare.

“But Aquino thrust, based on his inaugural address, is still geared towards depending much on foreign investments. He has also placed big business executives in his cabinet.

“Aquino should break his silence on the charter change issue immediately, or the people may think that his thrust is not really that much changed from Arroyo’s,” Soluta said.

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  1. please let me correct all ! the US did not support nor even like ur last president.

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