Migrant Group Urges Philippine Gov’t to Investigate Death of OFW in Saudi Arabia


MANILA — A Filipino domestic helper was found dead in a hospital in Saudi Arabia on September 8. Migrante Middle East, an overseas Filipino workers group, said they suspect that there was foul play in the victim’s death.

Based on the initial investigation of the Migrante’s welfare officers, the 22-year-old victim was rushed to King Fahad Hospital where she eventually died. There were several stabs wounds on her body. But the Philippine Embassy said in its report that acid ingestion was the cause of her death.

“Acid ingestion may have complicated her condition, but knowing now that there were several stab wounds on her body, which we believe are fatal enough to end the OFW victim’s life, it might have been the cause of her death,” Migrante Middle East coordinator John Monterona said in a statement.

Monterona said they are worried that they would not be able to get the full cooperation of the local police because the main suspect is a Saudi national. “Thus, we urge the Philippine Embassy to pro-actively conduct its own thorough and speedy investigation,” Monterona added

The OFW group is demanding for a “top-level investigating body” comprised of the concerned Philippine government agencies and for the Department of Foreign Affairs to hire the services of Shariah experts and lawyers for the investigation.

“With the worsening conditions of OFWs in the Middle East and as far as their protection and rights are concerned, it is now incumbent upon President Aquino to personally look into this matter and thereby re-issue his instruction to all concerned government agencies to swiftly act now and do something about the well being, protection and welfare of OFWs,” Monterona ended.

Monterona said they would monitor the developments until a criminal case has been filed against the suspect and for justice to be served to the family of the victim. (JAE/Bulatlat.com)

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