To Pres. Aquino, Please Don’t Wash Hands on Morong 43 (PR)

22 November 2010

The relatives and the colleagues of the Morong 43 are deeply frustrated by President Aquino’s reprisal of his earlier statement insisting that it is up to the court to decide on the Morong 43.

They still ask the Presidents not to wash his hands on Morong 43 and exercise political will based on truth and a fair sense of justice. The group laments that it’s unfortunate that it seems the President has started to turn a blind eye on the blatant injustices committed against the 43 health workers.

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According to Carlos Montemayor, spokesperson of the group, “we thoroughly understand that Malacanang as being argued cannot unilaterally decide on the case, but it should not complicate the matter into ‘turf issues’ between executive department and the judiciary. It is a fact that the Palace and the courts are separate institutions and we are not asking them to usurp the courts’ functions.”

However, according to the group, there is something that the Aquino administration can and should do to put an end to the injustice against the Morong 43 on the basis of the President’s affirmation that the arrest and detention of the 43 health workers was illegal and baseless in the first place. The DOJ must now in motu propio withdraw the information or cases filed against the 43 and they should desist in initiating any further actions against them.

The group insisted that there can be no trial if the process of arrest was illegal and so with the evidences being charged to have been in the health workers’ possession were planted. In fact, the local court has not even started with the hearings after in consideration of question of the arrest raised before the Supreme Court.

Montemayor asked, “what was the point of the reviews from the DOJ and Malacanang legal team when P-noy only would only come up with a diffused pronouncement and a repeat of his statement last October 14. It is also strange that President Aquino decided to politically distance himself from the issue after making an official declaration of the lapses and now would leave out his pledge to rectify the matter. ”

The alliance hopes that P-noy is not disengaging with his moral duty just to appease the military which had earlier made subtle remarks of not being happy if the president favorably decides in favor of the Morong 43.

“We cannot fathom that a government claiming to hinge its mandate on peoples’ will, democracy and justice will turn a blind eye on a blatant case of injustice for the sake of political expediency,” ended Montemayor.


Carlos Montemayor, RN,

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