GABRIELA Commends Mendoza’s Bravery in Exposing AFP Corruption (PR)

1 February 2011

“It takes courage to get out of one’s comfort and choose to divulge an anomaly, especially if it involves a powerful and repressive institution as the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). GABRIELA believes that Haydee Mendoza’s decision to stand for what she believes in is bold enough and we hope that she doesn’t have to reach the point to go literally naked because the government fails to prosecute the high-ranking thieves in AFP,” said Lana Linaban.

During the hearing held by the justice committee of the House of Representatives today, former auditor Haydee Menodoza shared her vow to go naked if the case against former military comptroller General Carlos Garcia is dismissed.

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“We applaud Haydee for her audit findings and bravery to expose the corruption committed by Garcia involving millions of pesos. Her vow to walk naked if Garcia’s case would be dismissed shows her conviction in the veracity of her testimony. We assure her that the Filipino women are backing her as she goes after the corrupt officials like Garcia,” said Linaban.

GABRIELA also calls on authorities to ensure Mendoza’s safety.

“Her exposes on Garcia is stirring the hornet’s nest. It will eventually lead to many other cases of corruption and to the culpability of former president and Commander-in-chief Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Mendoza’s expose also proves as a challenge to the present Aquino administration’s determination to reform the AFP and persecute Arroyo,” added Linaban.

“These cases of corruption that have been hitting the news should be swiftly and impartially investigated and the culprits brought to justice. It is downright immoral that while majority of the Filipinos are drained with the current price hikes, high ranking officials in the AFP are wallowing in millions stolen from the public coffers,” said Linaban.

Lana Linaban
Gabriela secretary-general

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  1. "the brave may not live forever, but the one who plays safe never lived at all". i commend Mrs. Mendoza for the courage to expose the wrong doings in the AFP. This should spark the generation of truth in our government, the trend of corruption should now start to change. . . Keep it up! the people and Divine Providence is to those who are on the side of the truth!

  2. Through her pursuit of truth and full disclosure of the anomaly in the AFP, Mrs. Haydee Mendoza, definitely put herself as well as her family in hot water. To remain committed to what is true has its own cost even to the extent of one's personal security. Mrs. Mendoza's strength and courage to stand of for what she believe is right and just warrants her of public support. We should continue to support people like Mrs. Mendoza who manage to resist ongoing practice of corruption and remain solid in their dispositions.

    1. she is a true heroinee, just the kind that we filipinos are in need. such deed is indeed admirable. let her be an example to most of us. standing down and cowering will take us nowhere. we must take out our torches and never let any corruption, big or small be excused. let us start with ourselves and our neighbourhood.

    2. I believe that standing in her shoes is definitely a form of martyrdom. Disregarding the fact that her life and family are at stake in whatever she did. She inspires a lot of other people to be more vigilant and risk-taking in order for our government to be clean and credible. Supporting Mrs. Mendoza would be a movement for change, others would view her acts as little acts but for some, her acts is a start of a big difference in our government. GIving her our support is a show of interest for change and against corruption..

  3. Through her pursuit for truth and full disclosure of the anomaly in the AFP, Mrs. Haydee Mendoza definitely put herself as well as her family in hot water. Such makes the act of speaking the truth more courageous and honorable. The courage to expose corruption at the expense of one's safety warrants her of public support. Let us continue to support people of great bravery and strength in their dispositions.

  4. God Bless Ms. Mnedoza for being so very brave and for once some one is willing to stand up and let the truth be known. I however fear for her safety as sp many I assume will want to see her gone. Lord knows what they want to do toh er.

    1. Heidi Mendoza's act of courage is truly admirable. it is very rare to see an act of truth speaking especially in our government. i hope that her deed with inspire more public servants, who are knowledgeable of the practices of corruption, to speak up and bravely expose these forms of injustices. Cheers to Heidi Mendoza and cheers to a future government of truth.

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