25 Years after EDSA: Workers Continue Fight for Genuine Democracy (PR)

Press Release
24 February 2011

“As big personalities in politics, business and showbiz gather in an extravagant celebration, the Filipino workers and people march angrily in the streets to commemorate EDSA 1 with empty stomachs.”

On today’s 25th anniversary of the 1986 people power uprising, labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno bemoaned the lack of genuine change in the country and stressed the need for workers and people to continue the struggle for meaningful change until genuine democracy is achieved.

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“25 years after the Filipino workers and people’s outstanding courage toppled the US-backed Marcos dictatorship, there has been no significant change in our country and so the struggle for democracy and social justice continues. The dictatorship was just replaced by ‘democratic’ regimes that implemented the same anti-people policies as that of Marcos,” KMU chairperson Bong Labog said.

“Successive regimes since 1986 have done nothing to address the people’s clamor for substantial wage increase, land reform, nationalist industrialization, and social justice. Unless the country’s socio-economic problems are addressed, democracy remains meaningless,” Labog added.

Under another Aquino

The labor leader said the Filipino workers and people will face the 25th anniversary of EDSA 1 with ever-worsening conditions of hunger, joblessness, landlessness and injustice heightened by sky-rocketing prices of basic commodities and services under yet another Aquino regime.

“Aquino should be wary of his anti-people policies, because the Filipino workers and people will not hesitate to wage people power uprisings be it in EDSA, Mendiola or far-flung provinces until genuine freedom and democracy is achieved.”

“The 25 years of the post-Edsa dispensation does nothing to change our conviction that meaningful change can only be attained by crushing US imperialism, bureaucrat-capitalism and feudalism in the country through continuous struggle for national democracy, freedom and socialism,” Labog ended.

Bong Labog
KMU chairperson

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