‘We condemn the Aquino government’s use of violence against the residents of Silverio Compound’ – KMU

Press Statement
23 April 2012

We condemn the Aquino government, the local government of Parañaque City, big capitalist Henry Sy, and the Philippine National Police for using violence in trying to demolish the homes of urban poor residents of Silverio Compound, Parañaque today. The excessive violence inflicted on the urban poor of Silverio Compound resulted in the death of two residents and leaving many other residents seriously injured.

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We condemn the Aquino government for carrying out a war against the urban poor, of which the violent demolition in Silverio Compound is just another flashpoint. Instead of providing affordable and livable housing to the poor, the Aquino regime is hell bent on unleashing violence against them as it tries to demolish their shanties and drive them away from the city. From Old Manila to San Roque, to Laperal and many other similar cases, the Aquino government is steadily fuelling the wrath of the urban poor against it.

We condemn big capitalist Henry Sy, whose greed for ever-bigger profits knows no bounds. The demolition attempt and the use of violence against the urban poor of Silverio Compound is just another addition to his long list of crimes against the Filipino workers and people. For years, he has severely exploited his contractual labor force and busted the workers’ union in his SM malls. He has been in the news of late for trying to remove trees around the Baguio City branch of his SM mall. He has contributed to the congestion of traffic in Metro Manila with his reckless construction of malls.

We demand justice for the slain residents of Silverio Compound. We call for the immediate termination of the demolition in Silverio Compound in Parañaque City. We call for an immediate moratorium on all demolitions across the country. At the same time, we call on the urban poor to rise up and fight the Aquino government’s attempts to demolish their homes and deprive them of their livelihood. We call for an immediate investigation into the use of excessive violence against the residents of Silverio Compound and the death of one resident.

We call on the Filipino workers and urban poor to condemn the violence unleashed against the residents of Silverio Compound. Let us join protests to take the Aquino government to task for further worsening hunger and poverty in the country. (https://www.bulatlat.com)

Elmer “Bong” Labog
KMU chairperson

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  1. Report your Local Government Unit Officials, turn on them and don’t blame everything to your President. Your corrupt LGU Officials are to be blame and not the President!!! This will be the only President that is not a crook or corrupt!!! Nothing would do you no good if you don’t even know what you are fighting for… Shame on all of you!!!

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