Youth partylist hits latest red tagging

Kabataan Partylist challenged those who try to discredit them to show themselves in public and engage them in a healthy discussions.

Northern Dispatch

BAGUIO CITY — Members of Kabataan Partylist condemned the latest black propaganda against them.

Printed materials stating that the group’s boss is National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) consultant Jose Maria Sison were scattered mainly along Bonifacio street. The materials also claimed the group is “posing as a defender of the youth.”

Cielo Marie Bayson of Kabataan Partylist said copies of the statement, written in one-fourth-sized bond paper, were also scattered in other parts of the central business district of Baguio City with a P4P Movement as its signatory. She said some of their members have discovered the black propaganda against them on March 29, a Good Friday.

Bayson said there is no truth in the said propaganda.

According to Bayson, Kabataan Partylist is the only partylist representing the youth in Philippine Congress. She said that it had forwarded the youth’s concerns such as education and employment inside and outside the congress.

Bayson noted that the youth partylist has always been a victim of red tagging because of its criticisms against policies of the administration.

“In our experience in past elections, human rights violations committed against members of progressive partylists escalated as the polls draw near. The Aquino administration’s abusive tactics are no different from his predecessors like Gloria Arroyo who also used all forces to limit the participation of progressive partylists,” the group said.

Bayson said the “boss” of the partylist is the Filipino youth who has put their trust on Kabataan, enabling them to send Raymond Palatino as representative in Congress.

She added that for years, the partylist promoted genuine youth empowerment and advancement in various forms such as filing House bills and resolutions, initiating or engaging in disaster and relief operations, holding educational forums and leading the youth against repressive policies like tuition fee increases, budget cuts, and the cybercrime law, among others.

“Considering the past cases of vilification against Kabataan Partylist, it will not be a surprise if this P4P Movement is associated with the civilian military operations of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and other paramilitary groups that aim to suppress progressive party lists in light of the upcoming elections,” Bayson said.

Bayson said they will continue to be true in the service of the Filipino youth and the people. She challenged those who try to discredit them to show themselves in public and engage them in a healthy discussions regarding the accusations being hurled at the Kabataan Partylist.

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