‘Aquino at center of Mamasapano ops’ – solon

A youth lawmaker says that the ex-SAF chief’s testimony at the senate hearing belies claims by President Aquino and former PNP chief Alan Purisima that they were not involved in the Mamasapano operations.


Kabataan partylist Rep. Terry Ridon said that the testimony by former Special Action Force chief Getulio Napeñas at the Feb. 9 senate hearing proves “how Aquino is at the center of the planning and execution” of the Mamasapano operations, dubbed “Oplan Exodus.”

In his written testimony read at the Senate hearing, Napeñas said that on January 9, he, along with suspended Philippine National Police Director General Alan Purisima and police intelligence chief Senior Superintendent Fernando Mendez went to President Aquino at the Bahay Pangarap in Malacañang to give him “mission update and the new concept of operations” to capture Malaysian terror suspect Zulkifli Abdhir alias “Marwan.”

The operation was dubbed “Oplan Exodus, said Napeñas.

“The alleged meeting in Bahay Pangarap shows that crucial decision-making for the operation was made by no less than the President himself,” said Ridon. “It disproves Aquino’s claim that he was not directly involved in the operation.”

Napeñas also testified that after giving Aquino the update, he and Mendez went out, while Purisima stayed behind. “It was when he came out that Purisima stated “Don’t tell the two yet, do it when you’re already there. I’ll take care of General Catapang,” Napeñas quoted Purisima.

“The two” referred to Acting PNP Director General Leonardo Espina and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas, who had admitted not being informed prior to the operations.

Purisima, who was present at the hearing, said in response that what he told Napeñas was an advice, not an order.

Ridon feared that there is an attempt to cover up “Oplan Exodus.” He added that the investigation should show where the funds for the past 10 operations launched by the PNP to capture Marwan came from.

“Did it come from the black budget of the PNP? From the president? Or from the US? Was this whole affair part of Washington’s black operations?” said the solon.

The lawmaker said that he intends to ask his questions during the congressional investigation on the Mamasapano operation on February 11.

“Where was Aquino and Purisima during the operation itself? This was not elaborated, even by Director Napeñas. Clearly, there are more questions that need to be answered,” Ridon said. (https://www.bulatlat.com)

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