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U.S. elections as a platform for pushing for reforms

Biden and Trump may seem like they’re polar opposites but they’re not. The former plays a strongman right-wing fanatic character, while the latter takes the “Uncle Joe” / “Obama association” character. Either way, both candidates play through character branding while they fall short on the real programs that would genuinely benefit the people.

Noam Chomsky: Internationalism or Extinction

Returning to the major crises we face at this historic moment, all are international, and two internationals are forming to confront them. One is opening today: the Progressive International. The other has been taking shape under the leadership of Trump’s White House, a Reactionary International comprising the world’s most reactionary states.

Human rights and politics

By BENJIE OLIVEROS Bulatlat perspective When, six days ago, President Duterte offered to host a world summit on human rights, people were aghast. It’s not as if the Duterte administration is the prime mover of respect for human rights considering the more than 7, 000 extrajudicial killings in the government’s war against illegal drugs. Two…