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Go ahead, sue us and abide by law, election watchdogs dare Brillantes

“These irresponsible threats (from Comelec Chairman Sixto Brillantes) are meant to muzzle election stakeholders especially critics for them to just keep quiet amid the publicly-exposed blatant transgressions of the election law, the repeated errors, malfunctioning, and glitches of the PCOS machines, data inconsistencies, and recently, the bypassing of canvassing rules.” – AES Watch

Comelec ‘shortcuts’ made votes vulnerable to manipulation – election watchdogs

Rene b. Azurin, author of “Hacking Our Democracy,” said at the AES Watch press conference that against historical trends, from the beginning to the lull in counting, the ranking of senatorial candidates did not change, even the differences between their votes were almost constant.
Read main story: ‘2013 elections a technological, political disaster’ – election watchdogs

Brillantes cannot just hold another fully automated elections even without banishing “the ghosts and weaknesses” of previous elections, particularly that of the 2010 automated elections. “He must come up with a comprehensive report at the soonest time possible, lest he be accused of merely sweeping under the rug all those cases of poll irregularities,” said We Watch, a watchdog.