Making it Big

Photo by Ace Alegre / Bulatlat

Mountainous La Trinidad Valley, the Philippines’ strawberry capital some 260 kms north of Manila, last week made it to the Guinness Book of World Records by baking the biggest strawberry shortcake in the world. The cake, shown in photo taken last March 20 with its bakers, weighed 9,642 kgs and measured 12.3-ft. long, 8.42-ft. high and 8.69-ft. wide. The Guinness book however was silent on the fact that what used to be the country’s vegetable bowl has become one of the biggest victims of globalization. With cheap vegetable imports being dumped into the country, Trinidad hopes to survive by making it big in the Guinness book instead. But will making it big be able to feed a growing number of hungry vegetable growers?

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