Personal Views and Commentaries on CBCP Statement

By Bishop Oscar Cruz

CBCP does not demand the resignation of the President. It does not have the authority to do so. It does not claim the prerogative of so doing. It is presumptuous for the CBCP to impose or dictate upon the President to resign.


CBCP says that the President may not simply dismiss the calls for her resignation. These calls are many and loud. They come from many sectors. They are premised on many factors. They cannot be altogether wrong.

CBCP says that while the President apologized for her impropriety, nevertheless, beyond apology is the requirement of accountability. Furthermore, with forgiveness come the demands of justice. Hence, anyone betraying public trust must be accordingly punished.

CBCP says that ineffective governance can be due to lack of integrity. Disabled governance can also be on account of eroded trust and credibility on the part of the governed. The President has to discern deeply to what extent she has contributed to the ineffectivity of her own governance.

CBCP says that the president also should consider if the erosion of her ineffective governance is so severe that it has already become irreversible. In such a case, she has to make the option to resign for the sake of the country.

CBCP in effect says that in the event that the President on her own does not make the option to resign, this does not mean that people have to stop asking for her resignation. Reasons: her resignation is pursuant to the constitution. Her resignation is asked by many people from many sectors. Her resignation is not against the Gospel.

CBCP wherefore says while the option to resign is the call of the President, the people have all the right to ask and continue asking for her resignation. They have likewise the right to seek other ways of making her leave the Presidential office – on Proviso only that none of the means employed is either violent and/or blatantly unconstitutional.

11 July 2005

Posted by Bulatlat

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