Women March!

By the WOMEN’s Movement for Arroyo’s Resignation and Regime Change

We, women, who have gathered here today, call on Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to step down. Emerging from our homes, schools, workplaces and communities, we lend our voices to the thundering call for the immediate resignation of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Today, we forge our unity against a woman president who has become a hindrance to the economic and political empowerment of Filipino women.

Massive electoral fraud has been exposed, and our sovereign will and right of suffrage has been trampled upon. Corruption reeks in the government reaching up to the highest office of the land.

Under Arroyo’s regime, women continue to suffer unprecedented poverty brought about by the Value Added Tax, unemployment, increases in the prices of oil and basic commodities and the deprivation of basic services. Political repression and violence against women is prevalent.

This cannot continue.

United, women must begin to pave the way for alternative governance that will be transparent and moral, that will uphold the interests of our people, of women and our families. We refuse to allow our children to inherit a government that tolerates fraud and corruption, a leadership that breeds poverty, violence and injustice. GMA is a shame to our nation and a shame to all women who once rejoiced in having a second woman president.

Mrs. Arroyo has lost all moral authority to govern.

Mrs. Arroyo, step down now or risk your ouster from Malacanang. Posted by Bulatlat

Posted by Bulatlat

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