Peñafrancia in Milan

They celebrate the Peñafrancia festival even in Italy. The photo was taken Sept. 25 at the S. Gaetano Church on a street in Milan. Long-time residents of Naga City, Albay (449 kms. south of Manila) believe that an official from Peñafrancia, Spain settled in Cavite, a province south of Manila, in 1712. His daughter got sick one day and the family prayed for her recovery to the Madonna of Peñafrancia, of which they had a picture. When the daughter recovered, the father promised to build a chapel for her in Manila but since he was then in detention in Nueva Caceres (now Naga City), he built the chapel there instead. The Peñafrancia festival is celebrated every third Sunday of the month, and is identified with Naga City but Bicolanos observe it wherever they are like Italy. (

Photo contributed by Chichay Mateo

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