The End Product

Posted by Bulatlat
Vol. VII, No. 12 April 29-May 5, 2007

Muscles hit their limits on roads of ambition
The nobility heard flows in songs of vision
Within great needs for wealth, goal’s plated for auction
Means won’t be held yet yields an equation

Some often moved in chains from poverty’s sanctions
Unacknowledged if seen, sacrificed exhaustions
Sparks of darkness emerged, ignored by the mission
Adding joy to their lives is work’s satisfaction

Awaits them are blankets made from threads of passion
Embraced chances gave lamps enlightening each tension
Walls were broken by things that caused rock’s diffusion
Adding joy to their lives is work’s satisfaction

Carriage pulled to welfare of tenderfoot’s fortune
In battles they land on, minds cling to one reason
The thought in parents’ love gave strength beyond season
Borrowed force’ is paid soon with scenes of progression

Unanchored were their feet in employment’s motion
Motives have entered deeds in every decision
Yet each ends down the path to one certain region
The work chosen would sum into life’s completion

Posted by Bulatlat

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