Ka Paeng: Representing and Living the Life of the Marginalized

“Ayaw talaga n’ya na nakatambak ang pinagkainan. Nagwawalis din siya, nagliligpit sa bahay,” (He really doesn’t want to leave used and unwashed plates and utensils lying around. He also sweeps the floor and keeps the house in order.) she said, adding that after doing the chores, her husband would just read newspapers and pertinent documents and not leave the house.

She added that in most of the time that she was not with him, Ka Paeng would wash and iron his own clothes, wash the dishes, and clean their house. During their detention at the House for 71 days, Fernando said, Ka Paeng would wash and iron his clothes.

“Kapag umuuwi kami sa Nueva Ecija, lulusong ‘yun sa bukid, nagdadamo,” (When he goes home to Nueva Ecija he goes to the farm to weed.) she said.

This, Ka Lita said, showed that Anakpawis genuinely represents the marginalized sectors. Their simple way of life has been instilled to their children as well, she said.

This was something that their members are proud of.

“Proud ako, sa kabila ng kahirapan ng mga progresibong party-lists, isinusulong pa rin ang kapakanan ng mamamayan,” (I am proud that inspite of the hardships and difficulties of progressive party-list groups, they still persist in working for the rights of the people.) said Mamay Galit, Anakpawis provincial coordinator for Cavite and spokesperson of Kalipunan ng mga Magsasaka sa Kabite (Kamagsasaka-Ka or Farmers Federation in Cavite). He noted that in the 3rd district of province, the land is fertile but the farmers are getting poorer. The area is represented by Jesus Crispin Remulla who is among the 221 House millionaires.

Despite the poverty, Galit said it is the people Anakpawis represents who provide the resources and commitment that make the party-list stand resolute in its struggle.(Bulatlat.com)

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