Murder, She Wrote

Second, the Department of Justice (DoJ) would bring out the issue of alleged “purges” and the killings of Romulo Kintanar and Arturo Tabara, which the CPP claimed, and that of Filemon Lagman, whom the CPP stated it did not kill, in the rebellion case against the Batasan 5 and 49 others. Through this, the DoJ hopes to build their case that CPP is continuously committing violent acts of rebellion and that the six legislators, six personalities of legal organizations, and the 43 others had, by their alleged affiliation, directly and indirectly participated and are still participating in these acts. This, in turn, would also fit in the script blaming the CPP for all the killings of its alleged comrades.

It may be a badly written script but it is a script nonetheless. And all freedom-loving Filipinos who are seeking truth and justice should not let it pass.

Political killings or assassinations may be the appropriate term to describe it. But the way these killings were carried out, the use of authority and superior force over an unarmed and unknowing civilian, is worse than murder. And murder is a criminal act abhorred by all with a penalty more than execution, eternal damnation. Political killings, therefore, are not only violations of our rights, it is a violation of our dignity as humans.

The Arroyo government is trying to get away with it by using a badly written script. If it does, the Filipino people would have to continue the count beyond 601. Moreover, it had been said that if one would be able to get away with murder, he would think that he would be able to get away with anything. Threats, constriction of civil liberties or even a declaration of Martial Law would then be an easy thing to implement. Will the Filipino people let this happen? (

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