Unimaginable Heights of Corruption

Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez tried to make himself look like a patriot by pointing fingers at the World Bank over its suspension of the release of $33 million dollars which comprise part of a $232-million loan for road projects. “We cannot allow ourselves to be the punching bag of any international (agency),” he said. The truth however is that his stance appears absurd when it is considered that the Arroyo government has been avid in accepting onerous loans from the World Bank in its six years thus far. The World Bank’s suspension of the funds’ release was due to reports of irregular bidding and excessive overpricing – which have been part and parcel of how deals are forged under the Arroyo regime. In pointing his fingers at the World Bank, Gonzalez does no patriotic act – instead, he covers for the corruption of the Arroyo regime, which has reached heights so unimaginable that even an institution that is normally tolerant even of corrupt regimes now finds it unacceptable.

Vol. VII, No. 42, November 25-December 1, 2007

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