Son of Arrested KMP Leader Seeks Villar, JDV Help to Free Father

Esperon, in an interview with Reuters said “the arrest of Echanis is a big blow to the communist movement” and that he had had ordered the military to ensure that the KMP leader will not go out of jail even if the court decides in favor of the alleged CPP leader – a standing order that no matter what happens the AFP will not allow the court to set him free.

“The general is challenging us to a major political, moral and legal showdown, a fight we should engage in until the KMP leader is freed from the hands of the people’s oppressors,” Pahilga said.

Meanwhile, colleagues, friends, family and relatives of Ka Randy will launch Freedom this week to “persistently fight the evil regime and put up a strong political campaign for his immediate release.” and one way of doing this, they said, is to unite and join the people’s campaign for the release of Echanis.

Carl Anthony Ala, KMP information officer told Bulatlat that among those initially tapped to compose Freedom are Echanis’ wife Erlinda Lacaba-Echanis, son Ranmil, daughter Amanda and brother-in-law Jose “Pete” Lacaba, colleagues from KMP headed by Mariano and Ramos, peers in the First Quarter Storm Movement (FQSM), National Artist for Literature Bienvenido Lumbera; Dr. Editha Burgos, mother of missing activist Jonas Burgos; Senators Legarda and Madrigal and other friends and personalities in the church, legal and academic sectors supportive of Echanis’ cause for land, truth and justice. Contributed to (

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  1. HOW, REALLY, DID MANUEL BAMBA VILLAR, JR. GET TO BE RICH? It may bear and serve the Filipino nation well to investigate and know that Manny Villar may actually have broken through from Tondo-ragged accountant to billionaire-rich presidentiable by allowing himself to be used as a foreign investor’s dummy in the Philippine real estate business. You see, the conduct of real estate business in the Philippines is made exclusive by law to Filipino citizens, necessarily because its affairs involve sensitive issues that affect territory, sovereignty, patrimony, and national security. Wasn’t that a debonair American who was smilingly visible every day at the offices of Crown Asia, Inc., way back before the Villars became political aspirants? Unfortunately, sighting American presence at the Crown Asia, Inc. organization deteriorates to zero visibility in hot election weather, especially nowadays! As Manny Villar embarked on a political career, it naturally became strategically imperative to avoid flaks of damaging controversy about being economically beholden to foreign influence, especially from nationalist camps of the likes of then Senator Teofisto Guingona Jr. who was one among legislators instrumental in passing general law limiting conduct of real estate business in the Philippines to Filipinos only. In fact, it was from 1997 to 1999 that the bespectacled, middle-aged, happy American investor (silent or express?) of Crown Asia, Inc. was last regularly observed at the 18th Floor of Cityland Herrera Tower. Most of us often have "humble," sometimes "rotten," beginnings; yet being transparent about such beginnings can do more good than harm. The key to the answer may reach as far back as auditing days at SGV or, perhaps, good Senator Manuel Villar would like to comment on this matter at this time?

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