Anti-imperialist Group Hails Iraqi Journalist for Hurling Shoes at Bush


An international anti-imperialist organization hailed the Iraqi journalist who hurled his shoes at US President George W. Bush.

In a statement sent through email, Jose Maria Sison, chairman of the International Coordinating Committee of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) called journalist Muntadhar al-Zeidi of Cairo-based Al-Bahgdadia as a hero for hurling his shoes at Bush. Sison described Bush as “US imperialism’s chieftain and No. 1 war criminal and terrorist.”

Founded in May 2001, the ILPS has 218 mass organizations from 40 countries as members.

“When he hurled his shoes at Bush, Al-Zeidi clearly expressed the pain and suffering as well as the resistance of the Iraqi people,” said Sison. Al-Zeidi shouted, “This is a farewell kiss, you dog. This is for the widows, orphans and those you have killed in Iraq.”

Sison said that hurling the shoes at Bush ‘expresses the contempt and condemnation of the people for the horrendous crimes of aggression and occupation committed by Bush against Iraq and the Iraqi people.’ “It is a meaningful and courageous act, a powerful symbolic act of protest witnessed by the people of the world through television and other mass media,” Sison added.

Sison said that the crimes of Bush include ‘the killing and wounding of millions of Iraqi people,  the destruction of the social and economic infrastructure of Iraq,  US  seizure and control of Iraqi oil and other resources  and the perpetuation of US military bases and forces through the US security pact with the Iraqi puppet regime.’

The ILPS also condemned the physical and psychological torture that Al-Zeidi is being subjected to and demanded for his immediate release.(

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