Environment Group Urges Gov’t to Take Firmer Stand Against Nuclear Energy


Greenpeace Southeast Asia Climate Campaigner Amalie Obusan has urged Energy Secretary Angelo Reyes to take a clear stand on the proposed revival of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant.

In a recent media briefing, Reyes said that the Philippines is not equipped with the infrastructure needed to run a nuclear power plant. But Obusan said that, “His (Reyes) recent statement is a mere ploy to pacify anti-nuclear groups and lull the public into a sense of security, while he and his colleagues continue to divert resources from real and sustainable energy solutions.”

Greenpeace said that nuclear power plants as a source of energy are neither safe nor a cheap alternative to fossil fuels. They added that switching to nuclear power will only increase the Philippines’ dependence on foreign technology since building power plants are very costly.

Greenpeace suggested that the government should invest more in developing renewable sources of energy.

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