Cheney Intervened in CIA Inspector General’s Torture Probe

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Former Vice President Dick Cheney intervened in CIA Inspector General John Helgerson’s investigation into the agency’s use of torture against “high-value” detainees, but the watchdog was still able to prepare a report that concluded the interrogation program violated some provisions of the International Convention Against Torture.

The report, which the Obama administration may soon declassify, was completed in May 2004 and implicated CIA interrogators in at least three detainee deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq and referred eight criminal cases of alleged homicide, abuse and misconduct to the Justice Department for further investigation, reporter Jane Mayer wrote in her book, “The Dark Side,” and in an investigative report published in The New Yorker in November 2005.

In “The Dark Side,” Mayer described the report as being “as thick as two Manhattan phone books” and contained information, according to an unnamed source, “that was simply sickening.”

“The behavior it described, another knowledgeable source said, raised concerns not just about the detainees but also about the Americans who had inflicted the abuse, one of whom seemed to have become frighteningly dehumanized,” Mayer wrote. “The source said, ‘You couldn’t read the documents without wondering, “Why didn’t someone say, ‘Stop!'””

Mayer added that Cheney routinely “summoned” Inspector General Helgerson to meet with him privately about his investigation, launched in 2003, and soon thereafter the probe “was stopped in its tracks.” Mayer characterized Cheney’s interaction with Helgerson as highly unusual.

Cheney’s “reaction to this first, carefully documented in-house study concluding that the CIA’s secret program was most likely criminal was to summon the Inspector General to his office for a private chat,” Mayer wrote. “The Inspector General is supposed to function as an independent overseer, free from political pressure, but Cheney summoned the CIA Inspector General more than once to his office.”

“Cheney loomed over everything,” the former CIA officer told Mayer. “The whole IG’s office was completely politicized. They were working hand in glove with the White House.”

But Mayer said Cheney’s intervention in Helgerson’s probe proved that as early as 2004 “the Vice President’s office was fully aware that there were allegations of serious wrongdoing in the [torture] Program.” Helgerson has denied that he was pressured by Cheney.

In October 2007, former CIA Director Michael Hayden ordered an investigation into Helgerson’s office, focusing on internal complaints that the inspector general was on “a crusade against those who have participated in [the] controversial detention program.”

News reports have suggested that when Helgerson’s report is declassified it will seriously undercut claims made by Cheney in numerous interviews that the systematic torture of “high-value” detainees produced valuable intelligence, thwarted pending terrorist plots against the United States and saved “hundreds of thousands of lives.”

In addition to showing the inconclusive nature of the value of intelligence gleaned through torture, the report will likely show that Helgerson warned top CIA officials that the interrogation techniques administered to detainees “might violate some provisions of the International Convention Against Torture.”

A November 9, 2005, report published in The New York Times said Helgerson’s report “raised concern about whether the use of the [torture] techniques could expose agency officers to legal liability.”

Sources quoted by The New York Times said “the report expressed skepticism about the Bush administration view that any ban on cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment under the treaty does not apply to CIA interrogations because they take place overseas on people who are not citizens of the United States.

“The officials who described the report said it discussed particular techniques used by the CIA against particular prisoners, including about three dozen terror suspects being held by the agency in secret locations around the world.”

The American Civil Liberties Union filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit to gain access to Helgerson’s report. Portions of the report have already been turned over to the organization, but they were heavily redacted.

Mayer also suggested that the CIA may have decided to destroy 92 interrogation videotapes in November 2005, after Sen. Jay Rockefeller began asking questions about the tapes referenced in the report. Helgerson had viewed the tapes at one of the CIA’s “black site” prisons.

“Further rattling the CIA was a request in May 2005 from Senator Jay Rockefeller, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, to see over a hundred documents referred to in the earlier Inspector General’s report on detention inside the black prison sites,” Mayer wrote in her book. “Among the items Rockefeller specifically sought was a legal analysis of the CIA’s interrogation videotapes.

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  1. Wow God damn true american ha, what a freedom you have by innocent and torturing the enemy of your imperialistic ambition, GIve a big hand clap your hand people of the world we are witnessing the action from the forces of land of the freedom the home of the yankee brave, haha is that freedom killing an innocent so that your interest can be gain, oh common history will tell us who you are your country foreign policy. Hey Jim you dont want to hurt your people and your yankee forces outside and inside of your imperial land then review first what you have in your foreign policy so that you can understand why your God damn country have a lot of enemy inside and outside of your Godless bless American Empire

  2. Mr. Cheney is a true American, why is he being attacked? People are killing our men in action anyway they can, and we are dropping water over some vile rotten killers to get information, and that's bad–come on. It's clear the Democrates will do anything to get power. They are our enemies, they lie continual and brake every promise. So who should we believe in? God's Word is the only bit of truth on this plant. Remember, God formed everything, and He also takes care of evil.

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