Bayan Condemns Spate of Bombings in Mindanao

The umbrella group Bagong Alyansang Makabayan today condemned the four explosions that rocked Mindanao, particularly Jolo in Sulu, the city of Iligan and Lanao del Norte.

“The explosions that resulted in civilian deaths are condemnable and cannot be justified. We condemn in the strongest terms the spate of bombings that have hit Mindanao over the past few days,” said Bayan secretary general Renato M. Reyes, Jr.

Bayan said that the motives of the bombings can either be to create an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty, or to divert public attention from pressing issues and to lay the basis for emergency rule.

Former House Speaker Jose de Venecia has already warned of a Martial Law scenario because of the bombings.

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“We should be vigilant, not just because of the bombings, but also because there may be some forces out to exploit the situation so that some form of emergency rule or martial law can be declared,” Reyes said.

“We must not allow these bombings to be used as a pretext for iron-fisted rule. Neither should we allow more innocent civilians to die so that a climate of fear is created and protests against the Arroyo regime are weakened,” he added.

Bayan said that the vast financial and manpower resources of the government should be used to apprehend the suspects, but not through a witch-hunt.

“The timing of the bombings, three weeks before the SONA, is already very disturbing to say the least. We cannot help but be alarmed by the brazenness of the bomb attacks,” Reyes added.

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