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  1. I am sad and furious . What happen to Elizabeth Prencipe. My fellow Filipinos will you let this happen in our country? CIDG abuse their authority,by not obeying the court order. I think all this Arroyo's puppet want to be rewarded, for every human right violation they did. Because that's how Arroyo grade her puppets. To you member of CIDG did you have no family at all? I know that all in the higher rank got rich. How about you private , did you got rich also? Tandaan ….my fellow Filipinos. pag bulok ang gobyerno bulok din ang buhay ng mamayan. Bundat ang mga corrupt sa gobyerno. Huwag bayaan ang mga bulok na di maparusahan para huwag pamarisan. Maawa kayo sa mga anak ninyo. Kung ano ang hirap ninyo nyayon , ano pa kaya ang kinabukasan ng inyong mga anak ?

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