Benjie Oliveros | With Death of US Troops in Jolo, Will the Philippines Be Another Vietnam?

Actually, the US does not need the death of its soldiers if it wanted to escalate its war of aggression. It just needs to invent a hoax as justification. The supposed stockpile of weapons of mass destruction of former Iraq president Saddam Hussein, which was made the justification by the US to gather support for its plan to attack Iraq, was proven to be nonexistent.

In Vietnam, the Aug. 4, 1964, Gulf of Tonkin incident — where US Navy destroyers Maddox and Turner Joy reported that they were being attacked by North Vietnamese torpedo boats — was proven to be false. Within hours, then US president Lyndon Johnson ordered air strikes on Hanoi. Although, wrote Edwin Moise in his book Tonkin Gulf and the Escalation of the War in Vietnam, an actual battle did occur between the Maddox and three North Vietnamese torpedo boats on Aug. 2, no Vietnamese were near the two warships on Aug. 4. By Aug. 7, the US Congress passed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, which gave the president the authority to “take all necessary measures.” The resolution was cited by Johnson when he ordered the escalation of the war in 1965.

In 1964, the US had 16,000 military advisers stationed in South Vietnam. By late 1965, the US had increased its troop strength in Vietnam to 180,000. By mid-1966, US troops in the country numbered 350,000. In 1967, US troops in Vietnam reached almost half a million.

The number of US troops and advisers in the Philippines is still far from this, although through the VFA, they have already maintained a continuing presence. But US military intervention could escalate if Washington feels that its interests in the country are being threatened either by an anti-imperialist revolutionary organization or by a government that genuinely prioritizes the interests of its citizens over that of a foreign government.

If the Filipino people want to prevent this from happening, we could start by working for the abrogation of all treaties and agreements that enables US troops to operate in the country, such as the VFA and the Mutual Defense Treaty. We could also declare before the international community that we are for an independent foreign policy that renounces any form of aggression and intervention by one country over another. Only then could we make it politically costly for the US to escalate its intervention in the affairs of the country now and in the future. (

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  1. Honestly, this article is a farce and an insult to the memories of my Brothers killed on 29SEP2009. We were not “embedded in AFP units conducting combat operations.” Want to know what they were doing? They were resupplying a camp belonging to MBLT-6 that was cut off from resupply. They had two Humvees of rice and water, and were driving it to the Marines instead of having 10 25kg bags of rice having to be carried 1 km. THAT is what they were doing. We were all trapped, for lack of better words; in Barangay Kagay. We were NOT conducting operations. If your government didn’t want us there, then they should not have let us go there.

  2. The Philippines is the original Vietnam of the Americans. The Philippines is victory for the Americans where Vietnam is their failure. The Philippine being invaded by the Americans still continues. The Vietnam being invaded by the Americans has has been successfully concluded with the American being driven away by the brave Vietnamese people.

    Our resistance against the American invasion of 1899, started and led by Gen Artemio Ricarte, Gen Antonio Luna, Gen Macario Leon Sakay, Gen Lukban, Maj Torres Bugallón and the rest of the fathers of our inherited nation has not yet been concluded. Let us continue the resistance until we can finally come home to recover our Filipinas!

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