Enlisting of American Troops to Help in Rescue of Priest an Open Invitation to US Military Intervention — CPP

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Enlisting of US troops to help in rescue of priest, an open invitation to military intervention–Ka Oris

October 19, 2009

National Democratic Front-Mindanao spokesperson Jorge “Ka Oris” Madlos denounced as an open invitation to foreign military intervention Malacañang’s enlisting of US troops to help in rescue of kidnapped Irish missionary Fr. Michael Sinnott. The 79-year-old priest was taken at gunpoint by bandits from his Columban mission house in Pagadian City on October 11.

Ka Oris said that Malacañang’s open invitation to US military intervention not only reveals the desperation, incompetence and total inutility of the puppet regime in rescuing on its own the kidnapped priest but in resolving the persistent problem of kidnap-for-ransom banditry in Mindanao.

The Mindanao NDF spokesperson also berated Malacañang mouthpiece Gary Olivar for trying to quibble that even if US forces would join in military rescue operations against Fr. Sinnott’s kidnappers, “Filipino soldiers would still lead the charge.”

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Ka Oris said that “Whether Filipino or US officials lead the operations, it is still clearly military intervention for as long as US troops participate in combat operations.”

“As has already been exposed several times, US military intervention has long been going on not only in the area of operations of bandit groups in Mindanao but also in the base areas of revolutionary forces,” Ka Oris added.

“All patriotic forces should denounce the growing US military presence and interventionism and persist in the fight to attain genuine national sovereignty.”

Information Bureau
NDF Mindanao

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  1. GMA is expected to invite the Americans since the development of our political system has really been tampered by them since their invasion of 1899, to facilitate their control of our security situation. Filipino soldiers among us whose reason for existence is to be the protectors of our Filipino people do not even have the self-respect to resist the Americans from continuing their invasion they started in 1899. Instead, these corrupted brothers of ours even defend the American presence. Now how can we expect these same soldiers among us to defend us against American rape of our women and our sovereignty?

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